Q ‘n’ A part two – bras & undies
Rigby and Peller
Image by lucia ferri
My next tip has to do with comfort. As part time tgirls, we can’t exactly stroll into Rigby and Peller and ask for a bra fitting but we can get the tape measure out and, if there isn’t a GG friend to help you, DIY!!

I used to wear dead tight bras and suffered all that achey back and shoulder thing as a result.

What to buy. M&S for day wear or relaxing (sizeable selection in their big Oxford St store). For dates and do’s, I’m a complete La Senza fan as their undies look and feel sexy, fill you with energy and confidence and come at a super price.

Gosh, after all that I think I’m turning into a walking Woman’s magazine… eeek!


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