Image from page 216 of “Strange peoples & customs” (1921)
The Boy With the Topknot
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Identifier: strangepeoplescu00evan
Title: Strange peoples & customs
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Evans, Adelaide Bee
Subjects: Children Missions
Publisher: Mountain View, Calif., Pacific Press
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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is hair wasin a topknot, and he felt himself to be quite aman, though he could not have been more thaneleven or twelve years old. The trousers and jackets worn by the boysare of white, but outside they wear long loosecoats of bright colors. You would not caremuch for a pink silk coat reaching to yourheels; but any Chosen boy of your age wouldthink it a fine thing to have, and be very proudof it. Sometimes their coats are bright green,or red, or yellow. Sometimes they are ofmany colors, like Josephs. But whatever the Chosen boys clothes aremade of, they do not stay clean very long; andeven when they are soiled, he must wear thema long time. However, this does not seem totrouble him. All together the boj^s seem tohave the best of it in Chosen. THE GIRLS OF CHOSEN Some of my readers were very happy whena little sister came to their house. They weretaught to be kind and polite to her. Sheshares their toys, and pla^^s in some of theirgames. They love her dearly, and so dofather and mother.

Text Appearing After Image:
If there is in the house-hold a little girl oldenough to carry the baby,it is tied to her back in-stead of the mothers;and whether at work orat play, she must carrythe heavy load. But it is not this way with little girls inChosen. The fathers and mothers are gladfor the little boys, but unless they alreadyhave sons, they do not rejoice when a littlegirl is born. If the family is poor,— and mostof the families are very poor indeed,— andthere are no boys, they are sad when a babygirl comes. The names that are given to baby girlsshow how very little they are thought of.Sometimes they are called First, Secondly,and so on. Little Calf, Little Pig, GoldenRat, and other such names are common.Many little girls are called Sorrowful; butsometimes one is given a name that showsthat even if her mother was not happy whenshe came, she loved her baby. Po Pai, or (217) 218 STRANGE PEOPLES AND CUSTOMS Treasurer Cluii Poki, or True Blessing:Chin Sil, or Faithfulf and Suki, or Clear;are a few such n

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