I Offer a Toast (9th year = a tradition)
All the Money in the World
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I offer all of you, no matter what country you life in, what the colour of your skin or what faith you believe in, a toast. We are all the same in so many ways that we should not let small things prevent us from showing love to all. Happy New Year, love to everyone, everywhere, and above all, peace to all mankind.

The liquid is juice so for those that do not approve of alcohol, drink up.
To my American Friends (NO neighbours) – I say this as a outsider looking in because I care.

One year Mr Trump has been in power and American influence is falling apart around the world. What he has succeeded in doing will take at east 10 years to fix by the next president(s). As a Canadian most of us up here do not understand what is going on – Thank God I am Canadian, we do have our own problems but they seem so small in comparison. So many people I know will not travel to the USA since he came into power and are our relationship as friends is starting to weaken (NAFTA). We use to say our FRIENDS to the south, now just our neighbours to the south. It use to be a proud point that we had the longest undefended boarder in the world, now USA only wants to build walls.

Mr Trump has succeeded in taking the USA backward but most of all he as made himself richer and I believe that was his only goal.

The rich will now get richer, travel for Americans will get harder and I hope we do not see a war that will encompass the globe because of tweet and one man’s ego.

What is part of the American success is capitalism and what will be its downfall is capitalism – seems that politicians and business people are selling their believes for a money paying position and power with people they hate. Maybe Russia pays more!!!!

I do understand why it happened and it seems to be happening everywhere – people don’t trust the politicians. But even rich people (no name) lie a lot as this election has shown. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

I really hope it all works out and that this will be a great and prosperous year for the USA and that my thoughts are wrong.
I have now been on Flickr 10 years and more to come I hope. I have over 108 million views – thanks to all of you.

Another year, more great places to visit and pictures to take in 2018 and share. Thanks to all of you for your support and comments in 2017.


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