Happy new year 2018 #BestWishes
Happy New Year 2018 Images
Image by Petr Hykš
My contribution to "Best wishes" themed Flickr friday.

This image is a result of 10 individual photos
(image settings vary: exposure time 79 seconds in sum, aperture 6.3; 9 & 11, ISO: 100 and focal lenght 24 mm). Canon EOS 700D.

I choosed 3 images and stacked them in StarStaX (gap filling method). I repeated it with 3 other images and again with 4 other images. All 3 stacked photos were later manually aligned & cropped in GIMP and stacked in StarStaX (gap filling). The final image was processed in Digital Photo Professional (color saturation increased).

Archlebov, Czech republic.


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