Dieng hills at sunrise
Molly S Game
Image by Jimmy McIntyre – Editor HDR One Magazine
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UK Journal Day 2 (Travel Diary Day 40)

(Travel Diary – strange-lands.com/daily/2012/08/22/sunrise-over-dieng-hills/)

Last time we were in England was 7 months ago. We’d been in Korea for 2 years. I got home and my mother said ‘Do you remember Molly?’

She was a fat cat we adopted after her owners died.

“She died a couple of months ago, and she was boy”.

This was information overload. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to assimilate first.

There were no surprises this time around. My nieces and nephews (of which there are many) haven’t changed much.

While playing a fighting game on the PS with Dylan, my oldest nephew, I asked my 3 year old niece, Lola, for advice on how to win. She thought long and hard before saying ‘hmm, just rip his arms off.’ Kids these days.

It always seems strange when I come home, like I’m a stranger in my own town. Nothing’s changed, but there’s a sense that something’s out of place.

I’m about to buy some new clothes. My current attire is not fit for Western living.

And, if the gods are kind, I may get an opportunity to shoot a decent sunset on the river Tyne.

Today’s Photo – Dieng plateau

Every morning in Dieng the clouds roll around the foots of hills while farmers plough fields and carry large sacks of potatoes. The locals are incredibly friendly. They haven’t been ruined by tourism yet.

If you’re going to Java, and don’t visit this place, then you will have missed out on one of the best kept secrets of Indonesia.


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