This ended up being much longer than I meant for it to be! If you wanna hear me talk a bunch, here is a comparison video between the Gravity Falls Journal 3 Limited Blacklight Edition and the Standard Edition Journal 3. Both are fantastic products for any Gravity Falls fan!

Also, I know I’m going to get a lot of comments about this, but I do not plan to upload all of the blacklight pages, just because it is time-consuming and they don’t show up very well on my camera. I would do it if no one else was, but pictures are already popping up online. A quick internet or tumblr search will get you the results you are looking for!

Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment down below with any questions or messages of love and friendship!


  1. Hi everyone! I've been getting A LOT of comments about where to get one/where I got mine. I preordered the Limited Edition Journal way back in October when they were first released (FUN FACT: I was also at Comic Con when this thing was first announced). I got it off of Amazon, which thanks to the preorder guarantee & price, I was able to get it for $90 (+$6 S&H and tax) instead of the MSRP of $150.

    Unfortunately, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are officially SOLD OUT.

    Fortunately, you have one more chance to order this book. The Mystery Shack website (run by TheMysteryofGF) will be selling around 100 copies sometime in July with extra goodies for $150. If you don't know him, this guy actually makes and sells legit Gravity Falls merch, along with some Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Star vs. stuff. There's still a limited amount, but this will be the very last chance to get one before they all sell out and you have to rely on shady ebay scalpers who are gonna charge you like double or triple the original price. And no one wants to rely on a shady evil scallop scalper. Good luck dudes!!

  2. I wish the limited version wasn't limited. I really want one. I don't understand these companies, give the people what they want. Am I wrong here? Plus, they'd make more money by doing this.

  3. My friend has the limited edition journal, (cost like a grand lol) and recently the bookstore i work at got the regular one in as a special order someone no longer wanted, so i’m gonna be buying that this weekend for only about 40 dollars which for something that has almost the exact same content as the grand one i’m pretty happy with. Also i can always go back and add the blacklight and the monocle and change the bookmark. Anyway, thanks for the amazing video!


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