HEY FELLAS, my new compilation is finally out. I really think that this one is my best compilation so far. I hope you feel the same way as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We reached 5 MILLION views people!!!!!!!! This is awesome. I never thought that one of my compilation will get soooooooooo many views, if this goes on, then the chances of this video becoming the most viewed slow blues compilation on Youtube, are very high. So for one more time i want to thank all of you who watched this video and helped it get to where it is today and especially a big thanks to the people who took some of their time to share, comment and like it!!!! Also to show my appreciation i had an idea. I want to create the ultimate viewer's compilation. So what i want from all of you is to tell me, as a reply to this comment, which is your favourite slow blues song. As soon as i get enough songs i will make a compilation using your suggestions. Just keep in mind that i need only one song from each and everyone of you, so that more people have the chance to be a part of this.

  2. Am in heaven. Love your compilation. Is incredible. I crave blues. Love the blues. Very impressed. Excellent taste. You made me very happy tonight.

  3. man, im just falling in love with this sounds that enter my ears. im living this moment like i never belive i could, i feel so into the music that i want to make part of it, im just loving it, as long as i keep listening this i could writte forever, i dont need anything more in this moment, my skin is cool but my soul is hot as heaven.

  4. I am enjoying your playlist. It fits my lifestyle, and is non intrusive so am able to read a good John Grisham book at the same time. Thank you for the hard work it took to put it together. I am looking forward to more in a similar vein.

  5. The compilation is wonderful! To make it perfect, you should just put the link marks so that we can easily switch among songs

  6. I came into work this morning and started listening to this mix, needless to say, my co-worker came into my office and ask "WHAT IS THAT YOU'RE LISTENING TO??" 😀 He is a guitarist and he loved it. I sent him the link..Thank you!!

  7. Man This is the real deal homeboy! I've been listening to this music for 3 nights straight, it takes me back to my crazy days I would be sitting in my 5 × 9 cell on the 3rd tier back bar north block San Quentin playing two handed pinochle with my cellie smoking joints and cigs listening to old school blues.


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