Image from page 377 of “The ideal cook book” (1902)
Identifier: idealcookbook00greg
Title: The ideal cook book
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: Gregory, Annie R
Publisher: Chicago, American wholesale company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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DELICIOUS RECIPES FROM NORTH—SOUTH—EAST—WEST Canned Peaches. (California Recipe.) (See Page 394.)New England Mince Pie. (See Page 227.) 1. Texas Rice Croquettes. (See Page 467.) 4. 2. Canned Cherries. (Wolverine Method.) (See Page 393.) 5. 3. Pickled Peaches. (Delaware Recipe.) 6. (See Page 402.) 7. Iowa Doughnuts. (See Page 274.)Montreal Boneless Turkey.

Text Appearing After Image:
QUICK, SIMPLE, AND NEVER FAIL RECIPES i. Creamed Oysters in Pate Shells. 4. Dessert Surpassing Ice-cream. 2. Cinderella Cakes for Boys and Girls. (See Page 317.) (See Page 278.) 5. Raspberry Bromangelon (Delicious.) 3. Dandy Ohio Cake. (See Page 252.) (See Page 323.) PRESERVES, SPICED ERUITS, JELLIES AND JAMS. 353 syrup, skimming well. As soon as this is done put in the pieces of pineand boil well for one-half hour, or until it looks very transparent. Put itinto pots, cover down when cold and store away in a dry place. Mrs. S. Ament.CITRON PRESERVE. Peel and seed with great care. Cut into pieces about three to fourinches in size. Place citron over the fire in preserving kettle, after cover-ing it with water. Cook until it can be pierced with a straw. Skim it outupon a platter and add sugar in proportion of one and one-half pounds toeach pint of juice. (Two full coffee-cupfuls of sugar equal one pound.)Cook this juice until the scum quits rising. Then put citron back and boiltill clear

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